AbCo and the environment


At Abad Controls we are well aware of the need to respect our environment and we are committed to achieving a circular and sustainable economy. In addition to having implemented a management system with low environmental impact, we also care about the final destination of our products, once they have exceeded their useful life.

That is why we offer our customers a free recycling service for all our products, once their life cycle has ended. Let's give an example:

When a manometer, thermometer, flowmeter or any other instrument is damaged or loses its reliability and its repair is not possible, we take care of the disassembly of its different components for proper recycling, as follows:


  • reuse or recycling of antivibration glycerin, if any.
  • separate and recovery of the glass or plastic viewfinder
  • separate and recovery of its metal components (stainless steel, brass ...) to be sent later to a metal recovery.


In this way we ensure that these resources will return to the productive chain without damaging our environment and generating as little waste as possible. We invite you to share with us your concern for the environment!