Press. gauges for high temperature


When the temperature of the fluid is higher than 65ºC, we must avoid the pressure gauges with brass internals, since the internal weldings are tin-made and do not withstand higher temperatures.

In the case of the fully stainless steel manometers, since the internal weldings are arc-mae, they support higher fluid temperatures (up to 150ºC for 63 mm. Ø and up to 250ºC the 100 mm. Ø mm.).

These fully-made stainless steel pressure gauges are specially suitable for use with steam, although it is always recommended to install a siphon tube (also known as coiled tube or pig tail) between the process and the manometer. Thes siphon tube condenses the steam, moves the instrument away from the heat source and dissipates it through its surface in contact with the air.

For temperatures of up to 350ºC, the installation between the manometer and the process of a stainless steel capillary tube of a length of two meters is recommended, which dissipates the temperature of the fluid throughout the length of its body exposed to the atmosphere.



  • Abco pressure gauge with siphon tube