Pre-set volume counter

The water counter embodies an HRI sensor. The liter pointer of the counter activates the HRI sensor allowing a basic resolution of one liter per pulse. The output pulse value can be factory set using the divisor D (e.g. D = 100 means 1 pulse per 100 liters). This counter works in combination with the MDL pre-set counter. The counter is either suitable for cold and hot water (up to 90°C).

This MDL-RBC is a microprocessor with memory, made to control the volume of fluid passing through a pulse-equipped flow counter. Two displays are incorporated in the front. One of them acts as a counter while the other one displays the selected value (volume). The preset should be manually selected by means of the front buttons or by external pulses. The pulses from the
counter are discounted in countdown until zero "0000", moment in which the system is blocked.


  Preset volume counter

  • Pre-set volume counter