Recorder pressure gauge

In addition to the pressure reading, indication of maximum and minimum pressure function, reset to zero, low battery indication and selection of units of measurement, this manometer incorporates the feature of storing the pressures recorded over a period of time. 


The storage or data-logging frequency is adjustable through the front keyboard, as well as the start and end of the recording period (programming is NOT possible using the download software).


Its operation is extremely simple, since data storage is activated and deactivated with just the press of a key. Likewise, to download the stored data once the desired period has ended, simply connect the pressure gauge to a computer using the supplied USB cable (after installing the software on a PC), click on “download” and export the data to an .xls file. or .pdf.


The pressure reading in real time is only local, that is, only on the manometer. (There is NO possibility of simultaneous reading on the pressure gauge and on the PC).


Suitable for outdoor service.