Calibration service

In our facilities we have a workshop and a testing laboratory, both fully equipped, which enable us to offer our costumers a wide range of special features as well as a pressure and temperature calibration service traceable to international standards.

Note: we also calibrate and certify instruments not supplied by AbCo.


Special features

Such as special dials (double and triple scales, red marks or zones, etc), oil free instruments, maximum pressure pointers, pneumatic receivers 3-15 psi, calibration for hydraulic presses, anti-overload movements, diaphragm seals under ANSI norms or according the customers´ indications, special steels and plastics, PTFE coated diaphragms, mounting of capillary tubes, etc.


Repair service

In addition, we can also repair and recalibrate most types of pressure and temperature instrumentation, as well as safety valves. Please contact us for another type of instrumentation.