Press. gauges pointers removers and fixer set

This kit is specifically designed to remove and fix the pointers of pressure gauges, in order to be repaired or recalibrated. Every kit includes three chromed-plated brass removers of different groove sizes (3.5, 4 and 4.5 mm.). The shafts have two different sizes (0,75 and 1,25 mm.) and they are interchangeable with the three removers´ bodies, allowing to remove virtually any pointer, including those of capsule gauges.

The kit also includes a pointer fixer. It consists of a 180x10 mm. Ø st. steel cylinder with a pressing piston inside, attached to a silicone tube and hand-actuated rubber pear. When the pear is pressed, the internal piston hits on the other end of the cylinder, fixing the pointer.

Delivered in a portable aluminium case. Dimensions: 17x27x8 cms. Weight: 1 Kgs. The removers are not sold separately.


  Pressure gauges pointer removers and fixer kit